Graphic Design

― How can you order custom graphics?

First off, to order custom graphics you will need to join our discord server and start a ticket.

Once you've created a ticket a team member of CobaltByte may accept your request and from there begin helping fulfill your order.

Once you've discussed about your desired product the payment process should begin. (Refer to the payment process below)

DISCLAIMER: Please note that ALL communication about your order must stay in the ticket created for the order. (Visit our terms page)

― Payment Process

  • This payment process is only for custom graphic designs.

  • Payment is only accepted through PayPal.

  • If you’d like view instant receivable pre-mades visit the products page.


After details have been discussed, half of the payment will be received from the customer.


Once the first half of payment is received a draft product will be designed based off the customers needs.


Once the customer approves of the draft the final product will begin to be designed.


After the final half of the payment is received the final product will be delivered along with its deliverables.

― Pricing (Custom Designs)

  • For custom designs join our discord server and open a ticket.

  • Read our TOS page before requesting any service/products from us.

Logo Design

| Starting at $55 |
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Simple Store Icons

| Starting at $5 |
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Twitch Panels

| Starting at $25 |
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| Starting at $?|
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