Graphic Design

― Why CobaltByte?


Graphic designer(s) with 2+ years of experience, any and all products are built as attentively as possible.

Fast Delivery

Any and all products are delivered with all included components as fast as possible.


We do our best to make all products as affordable to the client whilst still maintaining quality.


We are constantly upping our reliability factor by fitting our clients needs and by increasing experience.

― What to expect?

When purchasing anything from us, expect a friendly, efficient, and informative experience.

Most graphic products are delivered with final files such as .PNG, .JPG, .SVG, .PDF, .EPS, and a DOC with information.

If a custom graphic is ordered you'll receive files referred to before including master files such as fonts, and color keys.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the original master editable file will not be provided. Only the final file will be included.

― Payment Process

  • This payment process is only for custom graphic designs.

  • Payment is only accepted through PayPal.

  • If you’d like view instant receivable pre-mades visit the products page.


After details have been discussed, half of the payment will be received from the customer.


Once the first half of payment is received a draft product will be designed based off the customers needs.


Once the customer approves of the draft the final product will begin to be designed.


After the final half of the payment is received the final product will be delivered along with its deliverables.

― Pricing (Custom Designs)

  • For custom designs DM “Cool Sauce#1352” on discord or visit
    our discord server.

Logo Design

| Starting at $55 |
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Simple Store Icons

| Starting at $5 |
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Twitch Panels

| Starting at $25 |
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| Starting at $?|
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